Google Analytic

Google analytic can be used to gather details and statistics on your website. And its free!

The guide will go through the basic steps to use google analytic without having to install an use a plugin (the more plugins you have, the more vulnerable your website is to be exploited).

Quick Links:
Sign up
Finding your tracking code
Using your tracking code
Adding another domain to google analytics


Sign up

First you will need to sign up to google analytic at:

Follow the steps and make sure you select :


and Universal Analytics

Tracking Code

Once you have signed up for an account (or signed in with a current google account) and entered the details for your website you should be presented with your tracking code. If you do not see the tracking code you can go to: Admin > select account > Property (select domain) > Tracking Info > Tracking code.

Using your tracking code in header.php

Once you have the tracking code you will need to insert this into your wordpress theme. You can do this by going to:

Appearances > Editor > on the right hand side of the screen there should be hearder.php, click this

You will now need to insert the code between the section that says <body> and <div>. Please see screenshot below, these two sections are highlighted in yellow while the google analytic code is highlighted in red.


Save this and your done!

Google analytic can take 24-48hours to update.

Adding a new domain to google analytics

Adding a new domain can be a little confusing if you have not used google analytics before. If you log into google analytic and click on the admin tab you should be able to see three sections – Account > Property View

Select the account, go to property, click the drop down menu and then create new property.

The screenshot below should assist you with this above process

Create domain google analytics