Holland backup

Holland backup is a way to backup your mysql databases automatically using cronjobs (rather than manually using mysqldump). The following is a guide to install holland backup.

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Installing Holland backup on CentOS
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Missing default.conf
Testing Holland backup (manually)


Holland Install CentOS

The following command can  be used to install holland backup:

yum install holland-common holland-mysqldump



Next you will need to make sure that you a .my.cnf file. You can create this file in the root directory if it does not already exist (e.g. touch .my.cnf). The file should look like:





Holland Backup Location

The default backup location for holland is /var/spool/holland/ You can edit this by going to the config file /etc/holland/holland.conf and changing the backup_directory. This section should look similar to this:

## Top level directory where backups are held

backup_directory = /var/spool/holland

Holland missing default.conf:

You will then need to check if the following file exists, if it doesn’t then you will need to create it /etc/holland/backupsets/default.conf

A full example (that you can copy and paste) can be found here if it does not exist.

Holland mk-config

You can also generate your own default.conf file depending on what provider you are going to be using (lvm, mysqldump etc).

The command to do this is:


holland mk-config mysqldump > /etc/holland/backupsets/default.conf


By default Holland will only keep 1 backup, you can change this by locating the following configuration line in the default.conf and changing the variable:

backups-to-keep = 1


Testing Holland

After you have configured holland you can test its configuration and perform a manual backup by using the following command:

holland bk

You can then check if the backup was succesful by going to the backup location (/var/spool/holland/default/newest/backup_data/).

Holland has been successfully installed. You can now configure cronjobs to execute these backups in a manner that suits your needs.

Cronjob guide is currently being written and will provide more information once it is complete.