Percona DB



Quick Links:
Adding Perconadb Repo
Installing Percona db 5.5/5.1
Securing db configuration
Creating .my.cnf

Adding the Repository

If you do not know if your server has the correct repo added for percona you can run the following command to check:

yum list | grep percona

If this returns nothing then you can add the repo with:

yum install

You can run the following command again to make sure the repo has been added correctly.

yum list | grep percona



Percona 5.5 install:

yum install Percona-Server-server-55 Percona-Server-client-55 Percona-Server-shared-compat php-mysql

Percona 5.1 install (5.5 is recommended over 5.1 however if you wish to install then you can use:)

yum install Percona-Server-server-51 Percona-Server-client-51 Percona-Server-shared-compat php-mysql

service mysql start

chkconfig mysql on


Securing the database configuration:

It is recommended to run the following command to secure the db configuration:




You should then create the following /root/.my.cnf which contains: